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Most Frequent Garage Door Issues

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Most Frequent Garage Door Issues

Frequent Garage Door Issues | Garage Door Repair La Vernia, TX

Sometimes your garage door will suddenly stop working with no apparent reason. Other times, it will try and tell you there’s something wrong with one or more of its components. Here are some of the signs and symptoms we interpreted for you so you can be prepared!

  • Door Is Moving on its Own

    If your garage door is opening and closing when nobody is around, it might be because you have an older door opener model and one of your neighbors uses the same wave frequency. This is easily fixed by changing the transmission code. However, consider replacing the existing unit with a newer one with built-in safety features and make your garage safer than ever before.
  • Strange Noises When Moving

    You will almost always solve this problem by giving your tracks a thorough cleaning and applying a proper amount of lubricant. If the sound you hear is a popping one, it might mean your rollers need replacing. Finally, if the noise is accompanied by erratic door movements, stop operating your door, since it might be a motor issue.
  • Closing Door Goes Back Up

    You want to close the door, but before it reaches the floor, it changes its direction and goes up. There are several reasons for this, but the most obvious one has to do with the safety sensors. Start by checking whether something is standing in the door’s path, and then try cleaning the photo eyes with a dry cloth. You should also make sure the sensors are properly aligned. If the problem persists, the cause might be a broken cable or a bent track.
  • Door Opens or Closes With a Thud

    If you hear a thud, you will need to inspect your garage door ASAP. Why? Because what’s making that sound is either a broken spring or a lifting cable which is broken or about to break. As you may already know, springs and cables are under extreme tension, and any unprofessional handling can cause damage, injury and even death. Stay clear from the door and call a professional as soon as possible.

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